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Are Aged Domains Worth It? (Pros & Cons Explained)

Are Aged Domains Worth It

Are Aged Domains Worth It? (Pros & Cons Explained)

Side hustlers, marketers, and bloggers know the significance of SEO in generating traffic and ranking highly on Google. All domain owners need to rank highly on Google, but only a few know what it takes to boost their site.

Even so, this article will help you break down how you can buy aged domains and why it’s essential to analyze the domain before buying it. Let’s jump straight into it.

Why Should You Purchase An Aged Domain Name?

Buying aged domains come with many significant benefits that automatically put you way above your competitors.

However, if you’re not particular about securing an aged domain name, here are four key aspects that will help change your mind to develop your site’s SEO. Let’s have a look at them.

1. The Google Domain Age Analysis

When evaluating web pages, Google critically analyses numerous factors, including the age of the domain. While this may seem strange, developers have a good explanation for why they conduct their analysis this way.

The main reason behind this kind of analysis is that spam sites aren’t permanent, as most spammers take up different domains over time—Thats why when you purchase an old domain, you’re guaranteed that it will pay off.

However, you cannot disregard new domains as they have a significant impact as they have unique quality content that plays a crucial role in SEO ranking. Note that sites with new content usually don’t take up aged domain names against their SEO  strategy.

2. Aged Domains Come With A Backlink Profile

Generally, most domains decline every day, so if you’re in a position to secure an old domain name from different publishers who have put the time and effort to have a good rank on Google SEO, you’ll come across backlinks structures that come with authority links.

And if you’ve been in the SEO world for quite some time, then you probably know that it takes a significant amount of time to establish a site with impactful backlinks.

That way, your focus should be channeled towards developing and executing an impactful backlink strategy, and securing an aged domain with numerous backlinks will give you a proper foundation.

3. Aged Domain Have Established Audience

More often, aged domains come with an established audience, and since the success of your site is based on generating traffic, this will be a great place to start. Starting from scratch isn’t what you need if you need immediate returns, and thats why aged domains are appealing.

Aged domains will only require you to work with the existing audience, and ways you can connect quickly with your current audience is by:

  • Generating high-quality content
  • Utilizing backlinks strategy
  • Combining external and internal pages
  • Effectively use keywords with quality search volume

4. Come With An Established Rank

Generally, google implements your website’s PR score in ranking your web pages. This means when your site has a quality PR score, it automatically has more SEO juice.

However, having a quality PR score isn’t a walk in the park, as it takes time. If you look at the most highly ranked pages, you’ll realize that they’ve been in the game for at least two years. Moreover, only 5% of new websites are among the top ten quality websites.

So securing an aged domain name that comes with high-end backlinks will help you attain a quality PR score in no time.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing An Aged Domain Names

The benefits of aged domains are significant, and so are the downsides of purchasing aged domains. Some domains are detrimental to your marketing strategy, so they should be approached with caution.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of buying old domains:

1. Domain Penalties

You shouldn’t go anywhere near domains with bad history as it will only make your site blacklisted or de-indexed.

Such domains always have negative characteristics like:

  • Copied content
  • Mismanaged anchor text
  • Safety breaches
  • Spam backlinks
  • Poor keyword utilization

Thats why before you buy an aged domain name, you should ensure they were not penalized over improper SEO strategies implemented by the previous domain owner.

2. Intense Competition

When you choose to go with an old domain, your instant thought is to challenge your rivals. However, when the domain faces high competition from numerous websites, you might need to consider going for a new domain.

Instead of fighting tooth and nail for a slot on Google’s first page, you should take up a link strategy that has less competitive keywords.

3. Avoid Auctions Bidding Wars

Avoid involving yourself in a domain’s bidding war as they always don’t serve your best interest. Of course, other people are also interested in the domain name, which means the price will continuously go up, and you’ll find yourself purchasing a domain that sometimes won’t pay off.

However, if you’re certain that the domain you are bidding for has a fantastic SEO strategy, then you can go ahead and place your bid.

Considerations To Make Before Selecting Aged Domain Names

Selecting a quality domain that suits your site requires you to do intensive vetting before taking further steps. Instead of choosing a budget-friendly or huge traffic domain, I suggest you look at various SEO factors, including:

1. Domain Background

If the precious domain owner had a poor history that led to penalties, it means they will automatically transfer to you should you choose to take up the domain. It also means you’ll have a de-indexed site.

So, before you select any domain, you’ll need to conduct proper research on its history so that you don’t end up with a blacklisted site.

You can even use web archive to look at its previous use, backlinks, internal and external links, and more to determine the background of the domain.

Similarly, you can also check its backlinks, initial use, external and internal link as well as:

  • If it has backlinks
  • If the linked pages have a “NoFollow” tag
  • The value ink
  • The number of linked pages

2. Link Profile

You can use numerous techniques to determine the domain’s link profile. However, using Ahrefs to check backlinks is probably your best bet. It includes:

  • NoFollow and follow links
  • The sites challenges
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • The domain’s initial IP addresses
  • Development of backlinks

Similarly, the database will review if there are expired domain links so that you don’t have problems in the future.

3. Domain Authority

Before buying an aged domain, you’ll need to try the Moz SEO toolbar to verify the pages control and the site’s authority data. It’s impactful as it predicts whether or not your site will show up in relevant search results.

Similarly, Moz is perfect for evaluating a domain’s link profile and content. Alternatively, you can use tools such as SEMRush to conduct an extensive domain analysis.

4. Bot Traffic vs. Organic

If you come across the right domain name for your site, you might rush and buy it, especially if it has the right traffic. However, it’s significant that you check visitors to ensure that you have the right audience and not spambots.

To know whether the domain has the right traffic, you’ll have to check it out on google analytics and see whether the traffic is due to undeviating traffic and the bounce rate. Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll be able to know if it’s the right domain for you.

How to Purchase Aged Domains: PageRank Tips

Purchasing domains is quite simple as you only have to wait for the domain to be rendered inactive once it expires so that you can enter an auction and put in your bid.

When an auction host avails the domains, you can decide which domain you need and join the bidding war. And then, you’ll find the auction partner as well as the domain registrar. Note that most people will increase the price, so you’re better off placing your bid towards the end of the auction.

Similarly, if you’re certain about the domain you need, use Spamzilla to identify expiring sites so that you make a quick move.

Final Thoughts

Aged domains play a significant role in the success of your site, especially when you select the right domain that matches your marketing strategy.

However, not all aged domains pay off as there are many factors such as external and internal links and backlinks that determine its ultimate value.

So if you want your website to draw colossal traffic, you have to shop for the right domain and research its background extensively.

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