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The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (w/ Pros & Cons)

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (w/ Pros & Cons)

Most WordPress users use Amazon Associates to become Amazon affiliates and start earning a passive income by promoting products on Amazon. This strategy allows you to insert texts and exhibit ads on your site. When visitors are redirected to Amazon and purchase the listed Amazon products, you receive a commission.

Generally, Amazon Associates is the most prominent affiliate marketing program since it’s reliable and offers multiple marketing opportunities and thousands of fast-moving products.

Similarly, the quality of Amazon’s services is unmatched across the eCommerce space.

However, it’s almost impossible to successfully run your affiliate marketing strategy without the best WordPress plugin. Without some of these plugins, you’ll be spending long hours on tasks such as placing and reviewing links which is tiresome. Worse still, it will be a nightmare to identify how much you’re making through individual links.

Thats why in this post, ill take you through some of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins and how to implement them in your affiliate marketing strategy. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Why use an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

Amazon affiliate plugins enable you to effectively place affiliate links throughout relevant content on your WordPress site without going to Amazon to fetch links.

Similarly, these plugins implement Amazon Product Advertising API to manage your site effectively. This is a crucial process since the Amazon associates program has stringent rules and measures for their products regarding exhibits and inaccurate pricing.

Suppose you insert product prices manually on a comparison table. In that case, you should know that the price is likely to change sometimes due to Amazon’s regular price updates, which would render your price comparison table inaccurate.

However, you’ll always exhibit the right prices by implementing plugins in your affiliate marketing plan.

Plugins also help you to:

  • Develop boxes or comparison tables
  • Allow you to geolocate links and forward them to people efficiently
  • Effectively links products and the WooCommerce store

Let’s look at some essential premium WordPress plugins for Amazon associates.


Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin(AAWP) is by far the best plugin to effectively manage your Amazon affiliate links. Its prominence comes from the fact that it can track and insert affiliate links on your WordPress site without any hitches.

Similarly, AAWP provides various ways of incorporating affiliate links such as comparison tables that comprise more than two products, hypertext links on your content, and customizable boxes based on the product description.

Furthermore, AAWP exhibit components can all be customized based on mobile responsive compatibility, appearance, and immediate upgrade due to changes on Amazon. Moreover, they have unique shortcodes that allow you to position your moduled affiliate links in your preferred location.


  • It helps create product table comparisons by using their multi-data fields
  • It helps you earmark Amazon visitors according to their location effectively
  • AAWP encourages you to set up ads if you want them to appear on your website


  • Its user interface disadvantages beginners as it will take you a lot of time before you know how to maneuver the service
  • This plugin requires users to separately open Amazon to use the products as it doesn’t come with a search option
  • It’s not budget-friendly, especially if you’re a first time user with one website

2. AdSanity

Active creators should take up AdSanity and use it to their advantage, especially if they have dedication and allegiance to numerous affiliates. By using AdSanity, you’ll be able to develop and exhibit multiple ads with your page still functioning effectively.

Moreover, optimized widgets, plugins, and template tags provide different options for running ads effectively on your website. AdSanity is also ideal if you’re interested in traffic and the engagement of your website.


  • It has a superb prop up a ticket system
  • HTML 5 ready
  • Indicates how your ads are performing daily


  • It’s way too expensive for beginners

3. WP Table Builder

WP table builder is also a superb WordPress plugin that best works quickly to develop comparison tables or product tables. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any special coding skills to implement. You only need to use the drag and drop feature, and you’ll have a professional comparison table in no time.

WP currently consists of five elements: star rating, text, button, image, and list, which allows you to create the best product tables using these elements.

The WP Table plugin also allows you to develop responsive mobile tables, and you can also remove or add rows and columns with their high-quality cell operational mode.


  • Easily customizable
  • It comes with Gutenberg integration
  • Has active controls
  • Has Unique templates
  • It comes with five different elements


  • Their pre-designed tables are limited

4. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStore is one of the best WordPress plugins as it perfectly serves minimalistic functions. Most Amazon affiliate beginners appreciate its minimalistic features as it doesn’t entail much and is easy to use.

Similarly, Amazon eStore plugin provides an automatic product importation feature. Even more exciting is that it has Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugin to give you the best affiliate marketing skills and experience.


  • Linked with Facebook
  • It has an automatic importing product feature
  • Allows you to back up your plugin setting


  • It doesn’t have many characteristics and tools

5. WZone

If you are an eCommerce store owner, you should consider using WZone plugin for your site as it works well in placing affiliate links into websites mainly powered by WooComerce. Similarly, it comes with many beneficial features to eCommerce store owners.

Generally, WZone allows you to pick products from amazon and exhibit them like WooCommerce products so that many people can see them as if it was on the original WooCommerce site. Moreover, willing visitors will be directed by an affiliate link to make purchases.

Similarly, WZone has done a fantastic job of including Amazon’s API to ensure that the WooCommerce listings are updated regularly. This way, there will be automatic product updates on your store.

WZone has a free and paid version available to users. The paid version requires you to pay $49 to access its full suite of features. However, the free version isn’t great as it has limited features and doesn’t come with essential plugin updates.


  • Automatically gets rids of out of stock products on Amazon to avoid confusion
  • Updates product list regularly
  • Its content spinner can be set manually or automatically


  • It has complex features that don’t benefit beginners

6. Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is a unique plugin that instinctively turns all affiliate text links and exhibits them on your page as localized links. It’s a perfect fit for WordPress sites with tons of international traffic.

The best part is that it instinctively detects and reports anytime one of your international users searches your site. It guides them to your product page, which ultimately increases purchases. However, if you want to restructure links, they’ll have to be for only existing Amazon affiliate links.

Whereas different Amazon plugins provide the same geolocation technology, Amazon Engine stands out as it’s powered by a unique engine known as Geniuslink that prevents mistakes by offering users finished products or blank pages.


  • It automatically creates and generates links hence reducing your work
  • Has straightforward interface
  • Easy to set up


  • It doesn’t support old Amazon ads
  • Sometimes products may disappear from a locale

7. Affiliatable

Many Affiliatable plugins are complicated to use, but this one is different as it comes with great features that will support your site. Its features are easy to manage and could work better for your WordPress site.

It’s a unique software that enables you to create tables including pros and cons, rating boxes, comparison tables, and product boxes. If you don’t understand how to create a table by any chance, you can always set it up so that it automatically does it for you.


  • Its premium services are budged friendly
  • It has active support teams


  • It doesn’t support other coin tries
  • The plugin doesn’t come with a tracker to evaluate clicks performance and incorporate another plugin

8. Amazon Link

Amazon is another superb plugin that helps affiliates run and manage their affiliate program effectively at no cost. Amazon Link comes with simple tools that suit most beginners who need guidance to operate affiliate plugins.

The plugin enables you to effectively incorporate text links on on-site pages and posts while still exercising specific options such as incorporating templates, thumbnail photos, Amazon widgets, and actual-sized images.


  • Provides the opportunity to exhibit banners and ads on your site for extra clicks
  • It comes with a unique system that helps manage the links


  • The plugin doesn’t compliment the Amazon database, and for two years, it hasn’t been updated

9. Easy Affiliate Links

Even though Easy affiliate may not be as popular as other WordPress plugins, it can still do a decent job in managing affiliate links, especially those for Amazon associates.

Moreover, Easy affiliate allows users to revise links using a visual editor, cloak their links, classify their links for effective searching and indexing and XML file links importation. Similarly, it allows users to keep track of numerous clicks on your page. This way, you’ll know the intensity and efficiency of your affiliate link campaign.

The best part is that this plugin is available for free and has a paid premium version that costs $29. The premium version is more efficient as it helps generate a reporting dashboard and provides an auto-checker.


  • Enables users to secure affiliate URLs from XML and CSV
  • It lets you export affiliate URLs


  • Its maintenance takes a lot of time which can be detrimental in certain instances
  • Their premium version is too expensive for its functionality
  • Its free version doesn’t have quality features

10. AmaLinks Pro

Amalinks is another well-appointed WordPress plugin with similar qualities as the AAWP plugin. The plugin lets you incorporate both image and text links and exhibit numerous products on WordPress pages and posts.

Amalinks user interface is simple to use, making it efficient to control different features of your affiliate website. Furthermore, this plugin comes with the option to quickly incorporate items directly from the Amazon market to your affiliate website.

Similarly, the Amalinks plugin also has a table builder feature and a comparison table that helps you develop quality tables on your page or posts. Moreover, the comparison table provides the option to include targeted calls.

And all data that will be incorporated will be from Amazon’s website. Amalinks is even more appealing because it comes with stunning boxes with pre-made boxes to make your work easier.

Furthermore, Amalinks tracks Google analytics that helps you effectively manage and track clicks and impressions of the products you’re marketing. It also has copy and pastes feature shortcodes to help exhibit comparison tables on your WordPress site.


  • It comes with numerous product design boxes that are highly customizable to your preferred state.
  • It allows you to effectively secure commission using the ninety-day cookie
  • It doesn’t require API


  • Some of their features are not well established and need some adjustment for them to be effective
  • Their premium option isn’t budget-friendly for beginners

11. Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a unique tracking plugin that ensures that all your affiliate or regular links are effective. The best part about this plugin is that it transforms your links and ensures you effectively guard them by affiliate link cloaking, which makes it stand out from many other prominent plugins.

Similarly, it’s possible to incorporate your site’s URL or domain to come up with short URLs. By cleaning your links, you’ll make your website appear professional, which will ultimately attract more traffic while still advocating for your affiliate products.


  • You can effectively manage successful links and the ones that failed
  • It’s possible to allocate tags and control links through effective grouping


  • The plugin doesn’t match or compliment the WordPress editor block
  • Sometimes the selected links cant be seen on the dashboard

12. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto is another effective plugin that you should take up and implement to incorporate your affiliate products on your WordPress website. What makes it stand out is that you don’t have to look for products through pasting as they are readily availed on your site.

Amazon Auto also makes it possible to group products on your site using keywords or categories. It stands out since it has four ways to integrate products into your WordPress website.

Moreover, the plugin comes with specific shortcodes that allow you to customize the output. In short, it will enable you to tweak product titles, image sizes, and description length to make your job easier. Similarly, the incorporated products will instinctively calibrate and match your affiliate links.


  • Works best without Javascript
  • It comes with geo-targeting
  • It effectively supports URL cloaking


  • It doesn’t offer support to numerous Amazon associates

13. AzonPress

AzonPress is another helpful WordPress affiliate plugin that every affiliate marketer should have. It offers multiple layouts that can be customized to match your website’s general look.

Similarly, it supports shortcodes, making the user’s work manageable and straightforward. You’ll only have to establish, copy, and paste the code to the one locale, which will help your WordPress website’s general management. Furthermore, it comes with a quick installation process that suites marketers who value time.


  • The AzonPress plugin comes with customizable layouts
  • It’s easy to use, even for beginners
  • The plugin allows you to secure numerous affiliate links


  • Their support team only responds to emails


RafflePress is one of the best amazon affiliate WordPress plugins in the game as it helps you generate traffic to your website in no time. It provides you with the opportunity to showcase ads that pay off immensely. RafflePress gives you the chance to collaborate with various influencers and marketers to make your website relevant.

Similarly, it supports affiliate products and comes with easy-to-use tools that benefit beginners and veteran affiliate marketers. Moreover, it allows you to start marketing campaigns that stand out from other plugins.

  • It comes with advanced tools
  • Its features are easy to use and implement
  • The support team focuses on emails majorly

How To Manage Your Affiliate Links

Different marketers have various ways of managing their affiliate links as they give priority to their site’s layout or the general purpose of their WordPress website. You might go with text affiliate links, comparison boxes, or display boxes, depending on what you like. Similarly, you can develop a store and incorporate affiliate links.

Even so, the technique you use in implementing your affiliate links will automatically determine the performance and monetization structure. Similarly, it will determine how visitors get to the products section—Thats why it’s referred to as passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How Can I Make My Amazon Affiliate Ads More Attractive To Visitors?

If you want to attract more visitors through Amazon affiliate ads, consider using plugins that come with multiple features and qualities, such as AAWP. AAWP provides numerous customizable opportunities to change the layout and integrate affiliate ads. Moreover, it has multiple ready-made templates as well as affiliate boxes.

How Can I Increase Click-Throughs Using Amazon Affiliate Plugins?

To improve your click-through rate effectively, go for plugins with features that typically increase conversions. These include CTA buttons, geotargeting, and ads that attract more visitors.

How Do I Manage Broken Links On My Website?

You need the Pretty links plugin to manage broken links as it comes with features that can effectively manage redirects.


The list above has some of the best WordPress plugins you can use in 2022 and beyond to ramp up your affiliate marketing efforts.

These plugins come with unique features that make them stand out and im sure you’ll find a plugin that works best for you and your business.

If you’re not ready to commit, you can always start with the trial versions of these plugins wherever there’s one.

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