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12 Best Domain Appraisal Tools on the Web

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12 Best Domain Appraisal Tools on the Web

Domain appraisals tools provide you with credible insights about your website’s worth and, more importantly, other domains.

It’s necessary to appraise a domain you’re selling or purchasing to get a genuine sense of its worth and potential. Fortunately, multiple services offer domain appraisals and help you determine the value of a domain.

In this post, you’ll get to know the finest five online domain evaluation tools. By the end of this post, you’ll know what to look out for to ensure you’re getting the best deal, whether you’re buying or selling a domain. So without wasting time, let’s get in.

12 Best Domain Appraisal Tools for Your Website

1. Estibot

Estibot is one of the most popular domain valuation tools. To use Estibot, visit the website, input a domain name on the site’s search bar, and press “enter” to get results.

The platform will offer you all the relevant information about the domain, such as its search traffic and when it was sold. Additionally, it will give you an estimated value to base your decision on.

Although the figures it provides are only an estimation, it can assist you in determining the value of the domain so that you can purchase or sell it at market value.

2. Free Valuator

Free Valuator is another tool that offers similar domain appraisal features as the other tools on this list. The tool’s main feature is that it allows you to obtain a distinct form of domain assessment, crowd appraisals, in which Free Valuator crowdsources its evaluation from the public.

The advantage of employing crowd evaluations is that it provides a varied range of perspectives where potential buyers state what they would be willing to pay, allowing you to feel more positive in the appraisal than a single source.

Besides, you may also pay $69 to have a skillful assessment conducted by Free Valuator professionals. Nevertheless, the crowd-powered evaluation tool is free.

3. Flippa

Flippa is a noteworthy and reputable domain analyzer. It conducts its evaluation based on the intended purpose of the domain instead of entering a domain name and giving an approximation.

Before delivering an evaluation, Flippa asks for details to help it understand how you’ll use the domain. This information helps the site provide a tailor-made valuation of each domain name.

4. Domain Index

You may need more detailed information than just an essential estimation when evaluating your domain. Programs such as Estibot will give you details such as search traffic, but if you want more analytics, you may need to check out Domain Index.

Domain Index presents a wide range of essential indicators like domain age, appropriate keywords, and a domain rating, among others.

In other words, Domain Index provides you with a more in-depth look at the domains you’re evaluating. The site has a premium subscription that costs $39 a month, allowing you to access detailed analytics of a domain.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a well-known website hosting service that sells and registers domain names. However, it also has an essential tool that provides domain appraisals. Even though it doesn’t offer comprehensive reports like some of the competitors above, it can give you a reliable estimate for your domain appraisal.

The platform also gives similar domain names and their estimated values. If you want to acquire a domain name and find it expensive, you can purchase comparable options.

6. Sedo

Sedo is the only domain evaluator on this list that does not offer a free option. Its prices range from $99 to $105 for each domain report; however, there is a solid reason.

Unlike the other tools on this list, Sedo submits your domain to a crew of real-life specialists rather than generating automated responses from online web data. These specialists will spend a few days extensively investigating your domain to estimate its value.

The Sedo crew will ultimately send you an email detailing your results. It may be more expensive than the other solutions on this list; however, the results are significantly more precise and reliable.

7. Website Outlook

Website Outlook is a freeware application that uses over twenty distinct indicators to assess the true worth of your website.

The application appears to be designed with SEOs in mind. In most cases, it provides a wealth of information on how other prominent SEO tools evaluate the worth of a domain. It monitors, in addition to the basic metrics, the following:

  • Moz rank
  • Semrush rank
  • Adwords traffic/budget

These analytics can provide further ideas for monetizing sites purchased for SEO purposes. If you’re marketing your website, they might be able to give you some pointers on how to demonstrate the value of your site to SEO-savvy buyers.

8. Epik

Epik provides a premium customized website evaluation and a freebie that requires registration.

Epik collaborates with and Alexa Rank to add other voices to explain a website’s chronology for a comprehensive view of a domain’s chronology and performance.

The Fairness Opinion element of Epik’s service is a nice bonus that comes in handy when completing a transfer between a website owner and a buyer – making this site perfect for serious purchasers.

9. StatChest

StatChest is an essential domain analysis tool since it can access Alexa rankings. Besides, it also liaises with Moz before determining a domain’s worth.

StatChest’s findings are conveniently coordinated to instruct users on the potential of a specific domain. It also includes vital registration data to help prospective buyers learn about its accessibility and contract term.

StatChest distinguishes itself from its competitors by including safety data inside search engine results, which is a valuable tool for determining the reliability of a specific domain.

10. MySiteWealth

MySiteWealth functions more like an application performance website than an evaluation tool. A worldwide traffic rank, website history, expected average earnings, daily traffic, Google Index numbers, and a projected domain value are some of its numerous insights. It even shows a bar that reveals what software the domain in question employs.

If you want finely comprehensive tables of each metric, MySiteWealth does it flawlessly. The service even sums up a domain’s overall rating with a review out of five stars, depending on the facts on display.

11. AppraisalWebDomain

AppraisalWebDomain considers all images and separates its appraisal numbers by daily, weekly, monthly, and annual outcomes – from predicted advertising income to page visits – so prospective buyers have a thorough understanding of the domain they’re evaluating.

You may also access specialized Alexa rankings for your domain, demonstrating where it performs best and bar graphs displaying its success on Moz’s ranks.

12. $iteprice

$iteprice is a no-frills domain evaluation tool that presents you with a statistics breakdown based on data it collects from multiple websites.

While it shares some elements with others on this list, it prioritizes ad revenue statistics over other forms of monetization. As a result, their estimations are predicated on the hypothesis that the site employs Google Adsense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a domain appraisal tool?

A domain appraisal tool is a tool that evaluates information, web page ranks, and other information about a domain to determine its value and potential.

2. How do you appraise a domain?

If you want to appraise a domain, enter the domain you wish to check in the form on the site and click the Appraise button. You will then be provided with a summary of the selected domain on the web page. The approximate value and other essential details about the domain will be displayed at the top of your home page.

3. Which domain is best for a website?

When choosing a domain name, you should nearly always go if it is available. Because it is the most well-known, TLD is typically the best option. For years, we’ve all domains into our online browsers, so it’s what we’ve learned to anticipate from most websites. Humans are habitual beings.

Bottom Line

The relevance of domain evaluation tools such as Godaddy cannot be overstated. Today, there are tens of domain appraisal tools, and their widespread access on the internet has made them freely available to consumers.

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