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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate & Make Money Doing It

Amazon Affiliate

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate & Make Money Doing It

Amazon Affiliate is a simple method to monetize your website. You only need to join the program, wait for a quick approval and add Amazon affiliate links to your website. You’ll be paid a commission when a client buys a product on Amazon through any of your links – it’s as easy as that.

This post provides a step-by-step approach on how to become an Amazon Affiliate. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, establish your business, or have a side job, this will be an excellent foundation for you. So, let’s dive in.

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate program (also known as Amazon Associates) is a program that allows publishers to refer customers to specific products on Amazon and earn a commission for each purchase their referral makes.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy in which a website owner can generate unique product links through an online store (called affiliate links). The website owners then incorporate the affiliate links in their content. In return, they are paid a commission when an individual clicks on the link and purchases an item.

If you currently have a website or blog and your content allows for product references, you might want to join an affiliate marketing program. For example, if you run a cooking blog, you may add product ingredient links.

Selling items directly through your website may not be an ideal option for you. However, you can make more cash by combining product and affiliate sales.

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliates earn commissions through the program by establishing unique product links, marketing them on their website, and generating traffic to Amazon.

  • On the Amazon website, content creators and publishers register for an affiliate account
  • Amazon assigns them a unique ID
  • After creating an affiliate account, the website owner begins creating affiliate links in their Amazon portal
  • The links are then placed in blog posts and other content
  • The Associate gets a commission when a visitor clicks on the link and purchases an Amazon product

How Much Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Pay?

Commission payments vary depending on the type of product. For example, you may make 4.50 percent on every purchase if you operate an automobile blog. You’d earn $135 if you sold three $1,000 car components in a single day.

Because the figures might be affected in the early stages of your Amazon Associate venture, make sure you have a secondary source of income.

Additionally, you need to evaluate the commission rates of the product category you want to promote before joining the Amazon affiliate program. That way, based on the specialty of your website, you can figure out the average commission amounts you can expect to earn.

Amazon Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements

Becoming an Amazon Associate is an excellent way to generate extra money from your content. Nevertheless, Amazon has criteria for interested associates to observe, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before signing up. Amazon will kick you out of the program if you don’t follow the rules.

Most of these restrictions are established to ensure the legitimate promotion and discourage affiliates from taking advantage of the program. Below are some of the most important rules to remember:

  • You should clearly and prominently state that you’re a member of an affiliate program in any content where you add affiliate links
  • Within the recommendations, you should not express any incorrect or misleading assertions
  • Avoid mentioning product prices because they fluctuate often
  • Avoid using Amazon affiliate links in offline marketing, emails, or eBooks.
  • When it comes to affiliate links, avoid using URL shorteners.

Note: Although the Amazon Affiliate network is a popular marketing platform, there are many alternative affiliate programs that you can join. So, if you don’t meet the requirements to join an Amazon Associate, there are several affiliate networks for you.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are other affiliate programs to choose from if you want to market your goods or services. When choosing an affiliate network, consider the channels where your target audience invests much time.

For example, while looking for new items, does your target customer find them by browsing blog articles, cruising through Facebook, or using search engines?

Are they constantly seeking a decent deal and would enjoy a link to a discount site? Do they prefer conducting extensive research before buying a product, making your advertising on a review website more productive?

The following are some common forms of affiliate programs;  please go through them and decide on your ideal marketing program:

Search Affiliates

You’ll get freelancers and entrepreneurs paying to market your service on search engines or online marketing sites like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn through search affiliates. However, if your partner has SEO experience and wants to know the advertising strategy that generates more leads to your site and revenue, ensure they follow all SEO and advertising standards.

Bloggers and Influencers

You can team up with remarkable bloggers and social media influencers in your field who regularly connect with your desired target customer. Say you’re offering kitchen equipment, you can approach recipe bloggers or YouTube recipe influencers and request them to promote your product in their subsequent recipe posts. Ultimately, your target audience will visit your website, and if they purchase your products, the influencer will also earn a referral fee.

Review Sites

If you provide a more expensive product or service, most of your customers may need to do some analysis before buying it. In this situation, studying the best review websites offering the same product or service can be a brilliant idea. Inquire with the company or author who published the post if they’d be willing to include a referral link to your product or service in their content.

Coupon Sites

When you’re launching a product or service which is not yet well-known in the market, consider forming a short-term affiliate arrangement with a coupon website.

Email Marketing

Emails are usually recommended in moderate numbers. It would be best to partner with a company that sends mass emails to clients who aren’t willing to buy your product or services.

However, email marketing can be a viable option if you have an intimate understanding of the email recipients and their needs. For example, if you provide design tools, you may partner with a marketing agency and request them to add a link to your website in emails sent to design customers. It will enable their clients to use your tools to develop quality content and provide an additional source of revenue for the agency.

Do you want to generate revenue through blogging or your small business by joining an affiliate program? The following section will tackle how to become an amazon affiliate.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

  • Set up a blog or website: If you want to be an Amazon affiliate, it’s essential to create an active blog, website, app, or YouTube channel. It also helps if you had previously uploaded other materials on the site that are current. You should also be consistent as it shows customers you’re committed to bringing them the best product reviews
  • Select “Sign Up” on the Associate’s website page: You must first register for an Associates account. On the Amazon Associates page, select the Sign-Up button. You’ll then be asked to sign in to your current Amazon account or register for a new one
  • Provide your account details: Fill up your account with all the information needed, including your name, address, and phone number
  • Provide the URL of your website: Enter the URLs of your websites, applications, YouTube channels, and so forth
  • Fill in your chosen business ID: Enter your chosen shop ID, a description of what your websites intend to achieve, and Amazon product categories that your links will most likely target
  • Describe how you get customers to visit your website: Detail how you attract traffic to your site, how you make money from your website or applications, how you establish links, and how many monthly visits your site receives
  • Select a payment system: You’ll need to provide your payment and tax ID details
  • Generate Amazon affiliate links: You’ll be directed to your Associate webpage when you’ve established your account. That’s where you’ll find your performance dashboard, along with other essential information

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

  • Go to your Amazon Associate account and sign in
  • Select Product Links from the Product Linking drop-down menu in the top banner
  • Input the product’s ASIN or find out the product listing on Amazon
  • Select the “Go” option
  • On the top right of the page, hit the “Get Link” button
  • You can also create Affiliate links straight from the product section using the Amazon Affiliates SiteStripe
  • Incorporate the links you create in your content

How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Choose a Niche for Your Website
  • Decide on a specific eCommerce specialization for your website. This will guarantee you success with your Amazon affiliate business

Even if you choose home and kitchen, beauty and personal care, handmade products, it should be a niche you’re passionate about so you can publish content regularly. Creating more content provides you multiple chances to organically integrate links without coming across as pushy.

Writing on a single topic shows you have full authority. On the other hand, if you cover a wide range of issues, it may appear that you’re just generating content to publish.

What’s more, you’ll have a few competitors if you concentrate on a single niche that few people have addressed.

Write Product Reviews and Comparison Posts

Creating product reviews and blogs comparing two or more products is an excellent method to generate income as an Amazon Associate.

Product review articles are typically high-intent messages, implying that the individual seeking a review is on the verge of buying the product.

Product comparison blogs provide you a better chance to market since you give the customer various options if one merchandise isn’t right for them. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, and it’s a method to increase Amazon referrals.

Blog Consistently

A post that provides abundant possibilities to incorporate product references and links is the foundation of a successful Amazon Affiliate program. As a result, you should keep posting as much as possible.

Aim for at least one blog article every week, but remember that quality tramples quantity every time. You can bring more qualified visitors to Amazon with just two well-written pieces each month rather than ten that do not meet quality standards.

Start creating a marketing plan to assist you in writing topically pertinent blog entries. To ensure your website is optimized for internet search, you’ll need to master some SEO principles.

Create a Storefront on Your Website

Storefronts are an excellent option since they need less maintenance and content creation. It will be straightforward for users to browse your items once they arrive at your page, plus they can easily access the links.

You’ll have to monitor the links to ensure the storefront generates referrals every month. You may update product pages or withdraw goods entirely from Amazon. You should double-check that each item is still accessible on the retail site.

Advertise Your Website

You can’t generate leads to Amazon and create profits unless you have traffic. Writing quality content, knowing SEO, and developing an ideal marketing plan will take you a long way. However, you must ensure that you have covered all other interests.

Run Multiple Ads for Your Website and Content

Although marketing can appear to be costly, it could be a very cost-effective operation when you employ the PPC strategy. It’s a simple technique to gain followers; you can use a program like Canva to design ad images. You only get charged when a visitor clicks on your advertisements, and you may establish a limit to avoid being overcharged.


Amazon is the most famous online marketplace in America, and it’s expanding globally as well. It’s the single most popular destination for US customers and other global online shoppers, so it’s an excellent choice to include in your affiliate marketing toolbox.

To be a successful member of the Amazon affiliate marketing program, you must grasp a few best practices particular to Amazon Associates, such as how to optimize your affiliate revenue potential across Amazon’s websites and how to market your affiliate links to avoid Amazon’s strict guidelines.

Besides these specific points, advertising Amazon affiliate products follows the general affiliate marketing guidelines on any site or network. That is, know the items you’re marketing, be truthful in how you represent them, and provide enough information for consumers to make an informed decision.

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