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Recurring Affiliate Programs

The 35 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Join

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which an online retailer pays commission to an affiliate (an external website) for sales or traffic generated from the affiliate’s marketing effort (referrals). However, affiliate marketing models differ from one company to another. Some companies pay affiliates a one-time commission for a referral, while others pay a recurring income. […]

Affiliate Websites

Are Done For You Affiliate Websites Worth It?

As the sector continues to grow rapidly, many people are becoming involved in the industry. Affiliate marketing is one such business model that remains in high demand. Many businesses now recognize that buying a “done for you affiliate website” is significantly easier than constructing one from scratch. Due to the increased rate of online shopping, […]

Online Business

8 Online Business Models Explained

As the internet gains more prominence in people’s daily lives, it provides everyone with the opportunity to be a business owner with more convenience and less financial commitment than ever. For instance, if you love baking and everyone around you loves the taste of your cakes, you can create and set up an online platform […]